Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 through 12th grade

Policy & Requirements

Policy & Requirements

Admission Policy

Al Madina does not discriminate with regard to race, gender, religion, or national origin, in administration of its educational policies, enrollment policies, and other school-administered programs. We accept all interested students based on our current enrollment provided they meet the school’s admission requirements.

Al Madina is a Pre-K-12th grade full time Islamic school which subscribes to the goal of meeting and exceeding the standards of the Virginia S.O.L.s  while providing an Islamic based educational experience for its students.  All students, regardless of religion, will be required to take the full curriculum of academic courses, which include all general subjects with the addition of Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies.  Students who are non-Muslim may be excused from congregational prayers at the parents’ request, but must attend all academic courses. Prospective families should agree with the mission and goals of Al Madina School of Richmond and must be amenable to having their child educated in an Islamic environment.  AMSR reserves the right to disenroll any student who does not follow the values of student behavior as they relate to the parent-student handbook.

Admission Requirements

The following are the grade specific requirements:

  •  Preschool 3 (Pre-K3): At least 36 months old at the time of enrollment  and fully toilet-trained. (full physicals are required before the 1st day of school).
  • Preschool 4 (Pre-K4): Must be 4 by or before September 30th along with the  above Pre-K 3 requirements
  • Kindergarten: Children must be five years old by September 30th of the school year. 1) Proof of previous pre-school attendance (at least 1/2 year) if applicable
  • First Grade: New students applying for first grade must be 6 years old by September 30th, 1) proof of previous attendance of Kindergarten with a passing grade from a private or public school, and 2) passing an independent test administered by Al Madina.

We will review

  • Behavior/Adab
  • Academics
  • Attendance/Tardies
    • Excused Absence (HANDBOOK REFERENCE)
      • Illness (over 3 days needs a physician’s note)
      • Medical / dental appointments
      • Death in the immediate family
      • Extenuating circumstances as determined by the school administration*
      • 5 School Days for Hajj or Umrah

      *  at the discretion of the Administration

      All other absences will be considered “Unexcused”. 

      If a student misses 10% of the school days in a year (18 days out of the school year), the following procedure will be followed for excessive absence:  

      • The student may be retained (i.e. held at the same grade level for the upcoming year)
      • The student may be dismissed
      • Administration may report absences to the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court

      (A reminder note will be sent home when a student reaches 15 days)


Inquire at the school office about Grade Placement Assessment (for students who are not familiar with the English language), Advanced Placement/ Concurrent Enrollment/ Dual Enrollment at VCCS, and other special circumstances.