Pre-Kindergarten Montessori

Al Madina’s pre-K3 and pre-K4 uses the Montessori curriculum. Our staff have been trained to deliver this exciting method of learning for preschoolers. The Montessori method of learning emphasizes the learning new skills based on the ability of the students at their own pace and learning from peers. The Montessori method imprints the love of learning for our young students. The intrinsic motivation of learning will propel them throughout their future academic years.

Pre-K3 Objectives

 Pre-K3 Academic Objectives:

  • Recognizing upper case letters
  • Recognizing and count numbers (1-10)
  • Recognizing and name shapes
  • Recognizing colors
  • Recognizing days of the week
  • Recognizing season and weather

Pre-K3 Communication Objectives:

  • Building vocabulary
  • Expressing feelings
  • Asking and answering questions

Pre-K3 Emotional & Social Objectives:

  • Sharing and caring
  • Controlling impulses
  • Following class rules
  • Following direction
  • Listening to authority
  • Listening to stories

Pre-K3 Islamic Studies Objectives:

  • Recognizing Allah the Creator
  • Recognizing Eid
  • Recognizing Ibraheem
  • Recognizing Makkah
  • Recognizing Kaaba
  • Recognizing Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  • Recognizing Fasting
  • Recognizing Praying

Pre-K3 Physical & Tactile Objectives:

  • Hopping
  • Jumping
  • Running
  • Building blocks
  • Using memory flash cards
  • Playing with play dough
  • Holding pencil, crayon, brush, etc
  • Gluing
  • Painting
  • Cutting
  • Coloring
  • Making straight lines
  • Making curved lines & circles

Pre-K4 Objectives

Pre-K4 Academic Objectives:

  • Recognizing letters (upper case)
  • Recognizing numbers (1 – 20)
  • Recognizing and repeating patterns
  • Classifying and sorting objects
  • Comparing objects
  • Demonstrating an understanding of cause and effect
  • Developing one to one correspondence

Pre-K4 Communication Objectives:

  • Writing and recognizing their name
  • Naming a letter and its sound
  • Naming the days of the week and months of the year
  • Asking and answering questions
  • Determining meaning from a story
  • Demonstrating understanding of written and spoken language

Pre-K4 Emotional & Social Objectives:

  • Recognizing and managing feelings
  • Following rules and routines
  • Demonstrating respect and kindness to others
  • Developing self-help skills
  • Showing awareness of family and community
  • Developing skills to solve conflicts
  • Showing ability to share

Pre-K4 Islamic Studies Objectives:

  • Learning Aqeedah (Faith)
    • Recognizing being a Muslim
    • Saying Assalam’alaikum and bismillah
    • Recognizing Allah, our Creator
    • Recognizing the 6 articles of Iman (faith) of Allah, the Angels, the Books, the Prophets, Day of Judgment, and Qadar (divine destiny)
  • Learning Seerah (History)
    • Knowing prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
    • Knowing the story of the Prophet’s birth
    • Knowing the family of the Prophet
    • Knowing the story of the Prophet’s childhood
    • Knowing the story of the Prophet’s adulthood
    • Knowing the story of how Muhammad became a Prophet
  • Learning Fiqh (Jurisprudence) and Ibadah (Worship):
    • Knowing the 5 pillars of Islam
    • Saying shahadah
    • Practicing salat
    • Giving¬†zakat
    • Preparing fasting in Ramadan
    • Re-enacting Pilgrimage to Makkah
  • Learning Adab (Islamic Manners):
    • Exercising good deeds
    • Exercising kindness/ caring
    • Respecting parents
    • Maintaining cleanliness

Pre-K4 Physical & Tactile Objectives:

  • Demonstrating the ability to control scissors and glue
  • Develop fine motor skills needed to zipper, snap, and button clothing
  • Develop motor skills needed to balance on one foot
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