Middle School


Middle school at Al Madina School of Richmond is a time of transition from homeroom based education to departmental focused subject classes. Students will experience being with their grade-level peers with the opportunity to advance to high school level subject classes should they aspire to do so. The basis of the curriculum is the Common Core State Standard along with Qur’an, Arabic and Islamic Studies curriculum that is accredited by CISNA  (Council of Islamic Schools in North America).

The Common Core State Standard varies slightly to the Virginia Department of Education’s Standard of Learning (SOL) curriculum. In order to offer our student robust curriculum, Al Madina chooses the Common Core State Standard that has been adopted by 42 states including District of Columbia as a baseline standard of curriculum. Within the methodology of the Common Core State Standard, SOL content materials can be taught – this combination of both flexibility and variety is the reason why Al Madina utilizes the Common Core State Standard. The minimum of achieving Common Core State Standard gives the flexibility for our teachers to facilitate students further beyond the Common Core State Standard while keeping in tune with most of the Nation.

Qur’an, Arabic, and Islamic Studies (QAIS)

During the school year, emphasis will be placed on helping the students develop their Islamic identity as believers (Mu’minun) and to learn basic concepts of Islamic practices and implementing it in their daily lives.

The students will be studying five main subjects:

Aqidah (Islamic Creed)
Fiqh Al-Ibadat (Jurisprudence of Worship)
Sunnah, Seerah and Islamic History
Tafseer of the Quran
Adab & Akhlaq (Islamic Morals and Manners)

Our CISNA accredited curriculum grant us 6 different levels for Qur’an and Arabic. Students will progress based on their levels in learning Arabic and reading the Qur’an. All students will learn the basics of Qur’anic reading, writing, recitation with tajweed, and memorization. Students will also learn the specific Arabic vocabulary of the Qur’an to enhance their understanding of the Qur’an. In addition, as a transition into high school, middle school students will slowly be introduced to Arabic as a foreign language; however, full credit education of Arabic as a foreign language and as a separate class from Arabic for learning the Qur’an is delivered as a high school level class.

The goal for our students in QAIS is for them to be able to read, recite, write, memorize, and interpret the Qur’an by themselves with the rich background of Islamic history and tradition so that they may practice and live with the Qur’an as their guide.

English/ Language Arts

ELA – English/ Language Arts are taught in Al Madina with the baseline methodology aligned with the Common Core State Standard. Students in 6th through 8th grade would learn 2 methodology of reading; literature and informational texts. They would learn proper language and grammar, speaking and listening. This includes conducting presentations and writing in various forms of narration including informative texts and opinion pieces. Teachers have the flexibility to use different content to students that would optimized their learning of the methodology. This would include the opportunity of exploring Islamic text and integrating Islamic Studies into ELA. Furtherance of the complexity of reading, writing, and speaking are explored in science and social studies.


Middle school mathematics in Al Madina School of Richmond is based on the Common Core State Standards curriculum. The curriculum is based on giving students the ability to achieve five mathematical focus: ratios & proportional relationships, numbering system, expressions & equations, geometric logic & dimensions, and statistics & probability.

The 5 mathematical focus are applied into the following content for different grade levels:

Grade 6: Pre-Algebra

Grade 7: Pre-Algebra or Algebra I

Grade 8: Algebra I or Geometry

Algebra I and Geometry will be counted as high school credit classes.


Middle school science in Al Madina School of Richmond is based on the Common Core State Standards curriculum. The curriculum focuses on the ability of a student to research and cite source appropriately, conduct experimental methods systemically, analyze data using various platforms of charts and tables, and forming knowledge with the differentiation of facts and opinions. Students are encouraged to participate in annual science fair and be reminded of the appreciation of Allah’s creation.

 The science focuses are applied into the following content for different grade levels:

Grade 6: Life Science

Grade 7: Life Science or Physical Science

Grade 8: Life Science, Physical Science, or Earth Science

Social Studies

Middle school social studies in Al Madina School of Richmond is based on the Common Core State Standards curriculum. The curriculum focuses on the ability of a student to cite textual evidence; identify key steps in historical / social process; understanding specific vocabulary to specific historical/ social domain; discerning author’s point of view in historical/ social content; integrating various visual, digital, & print text sources; and tell the difference between facts, opinions, and reasoned judgment.

The social studies focuses are applied into the following content for different grade levels:

Grade 6: Geography

Grade 7: History of Muslim Civilizations

Grade 8: US & VA History

Physical Education & Health

Students at Al Madina would have the opportunity to learn physical education that would motivate them to move regularly and treat their body well. Students would understand that they must keep their body well as it is a trust given by Allah. Students will learn to stay fit through the play of physical games and develop sportsmanship and cooperation by the learning of the rules of the game and displaying fair play.

In addition to physical education, middle school students will be introduced to health class that would focus on proper hygiene as guided by sunnah. Health class would also serve to inform students to the Islamically guided psychological and social approach through the changes of puberty. All middle school physical education and health classes are segregated by gender.


Students at Al Madina would have the opportunity to learn and express various medium of art. Islamic culture  have always been enriched with distingushed work of art such as the Dome of the Rock, Taj Mahal and the Calligraphy of Qur’anic verses.  Al Madina will incorporate such fascinating examples in addition to other activities. These activities would include, but not limited to coloring, sketching, drawing, painting, singing of nasheed, craft­ making, and calligraphy.


Middle school students at Al Madina would be given the opportunity to learn to become responsible digital citizens in the 21st century. Students would learn the proper use technology including the world wide web. This includes the ability to use basic softwares in the field of word processing, spread sheet, project presentation, installing softwares, and low level coding. This also includes using internet for proper research, knowing how to maintain hardware and software with appropriate updates, and knowing how to gain protection from general digital threat such as virus, spam, and adwares.

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