Meal Menu

As Salaam Alaikum,
Beginning Opening Day, September 5, 2017, healthy hot lunches will be available to our students, faculty and staff through Edible Education.  We encourage you to participate in this program as it is professionally designed to promote making healthy food choices and therefore develop healthier eating habits.
Orders must be made by 12:00 midnight on September 2, 2017
To place your order, go to::
You must create an account
Campus code: 18e
Once you‘re in, the way to see the entire calendar is to
click orders tab on left, then
click new order tab on left, then
you‘ll see student’s name with blue order box to the right, click the blue order box, then
you‘ll see the month/menu with some wording
Here’s the link to a video of the ordering process:
 We look forward to your participation.
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