Meal Menu

Hot Lunch can be ordered through the Orbund System. Instructions and Menu are below:

1. Login to Orbund (from the website, select the top menu option “Login to Orbund”).
2. Once logged in as a Parent, select Reference from the menu on the left side of the screen, then Lunch Menu.
3. On the calendar for the month with the menu choices, click the drop-down arrow to change from “No Meal” and select the appropriate meal plan for your child (Elementary or Middle-High).
4. This time, please also use the right arrow at the top left of the calendar to move ahead to the next month (October).
5. Be sure to select the meal for all of your children.
6. You can print the INVOICE so you’ll have a notice of how much to pay, it is best to bring the Invoice along with your payment to the school office.
7. Print the Calendar so you remember what meals your child will be eating at the school.

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