Independent Agency Verifies Income Requirements

Financial Aid

AMSR Aid Is Strictly Depended on Income

Al Madina recognizes that Islamic education is essential for all Muslim children regardless of their financial status. Insha’Allah, efforts will be made to reduce tuition for families who qualify to receive financial aid.

To be considered for financial aid, families in need must complete an online application with FACTS Management. FACTS is a private third party who provides a comprehensive service, which handles all aspects of the financial aid application and verification process for Al Madina. FACTS will evaluate each application and will verify eligibility of each applicant with professionalism and consistency.

The school does not consider financial aid applications for new students unless and until the student is accepted to the school.

Complete Al Madina New Student Enrollment Application Here  and pay the $75 Non-Refundable Application Fee Below.   

Deadline to submit forms to FACTS is June 30th , 2022. You may complete the  online financial aid application here .
The following applies to all who receive financial assistance:

Submitting an Application for Financial Assistance does not guarantee financial assistance.

  • New families must submit an Al Madina New Student Application and Pay the $75 application fee
  • Families must submit a new Financial Assistance Application each school year before the deadline.
  • Financial Aid can not be combined with any other discount.
  • If a student does not perform at grade level he/she will risk losing the financial assistance award.
  • If a student shows chronic behavioral problems and fails to rectify after repeated warnings he/she will risk losing the financial assistance award.

Financial aid does NOT cover any fees such as book rental, activity, testing, and/or technology.

Financial Aid Flyer Al Madina School of Richmond