AMSR Principal, Br. Jafar Baraka

Principal Jafar N. Baraka

As Salaam Alaikum Al Madina Family,

It is with great joy that I send you words of peace and greetings as we begin the 2nd Semester at Al-Madina School-Richmond.  What a wonderful school year it’s been so far! I have been reflecting on the many wonderful learning experiences that are occurring in our building. Our teachers and staff have wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to supporting our mission of “strengthening the family bond” and we are reforming our instructional practices to meet the needs of our students. Enclosed in this newsletter is but a snapshot of the many stories, positive activities and student-centered initiatives currently under way at our school.

We continue to modify our instructional program and implemented many changes to our teaching pedagogy; focusing on the “7-Step Lesson Plan” and using data to personalize and drive teaching and learning. Our instructional work is student-centered and inquiry based. Simply, we’re planning our lesson development around the Virginia Standards of Learning and our understanding of our student’s need based on their performance on the M.A.P. assessments.  We’re using this data to drive our instruction in the classroom. This focused approach is -organically- cultivating an environment of buy-in from our teachers and has taken root throughout our school community.

            From a spiritual standpoint, we continue to be firmly focused on strengthening our relationship with Allah and our understanding of Islam. This month’s theme is “Fairness and Justice” and we are using those beloved tenants to anchor and support our student’s spiritual development.

As always, we have an open door policy at Al-Madina School and we value communication between our staff and families. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and concerns related to your child’s experiences at Al-Madina School- Richmond. 

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It’s Autumn at Al-Madina School!

It’s hard to believe but it’s that time of year where the leaves on the trees are changing, there’s a chill in the air and Fall Break is right around the corner. When we hit this point on the calendar, there could be frost on the ground in the morning and short sleeve weather in the afternoon.  Make sure your child arrives to school with a jacket, or sweater on.  When a student is either too hot or too cold they can’t do their best learning and Al-Madina School strives to provide the best possible educational experience available for our children.

The last few months of school have been exciting and there have been a lot of positive changes at Al-Madina School-Richmond.

As you know, we believe that it is “Time for Strengthening the Family Bond” at Al-Madina School and our work this year has been defined around the following themes:

  • Systems Management
  • Academic Program Development
  • School Culture and Climate Development


All Madina has completed its 1st quarterly marking period.  Instruction is in full swing and our students are learning great things. Our quarterly newsletter is designed to highlight our success and provide our parents and families with an update of our work and progress toward our themes.

Parents we need your support! Our partnership in this work is essential and with Allah’s blessing; through an effective partnership, we can transform Al-Madina School into one of the best Islamic Schools in the region!

Check back for the Winter Announcement at the end of our 2nd quarter! 1/29/18!


Br. Jafar N. Baraka

Al Madina School-Richmond

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