Blessed Actions/Blessed Donations


The month of Dhul Hijjah is rapidly approaching us. The month of Dhul Hijjah is a blessed month, but its first 10 days are particularly special, a time filled with rewards, blessings and significance. These days are considered sacred for both those individuals going to Hajj and those who are not.
Here are three things Muslims are strongly encouraged to do during the first 10 days of Dhul al-Hijjah, and the reward for it:
  1. Increase your Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) during these 10 days. Asking for forgiveness, increasing prayers, Dua (supplication), and spiritual reflection are strongly encouraged during this time.
  2. Give extra Sadaqa (voluntary charity). During this time, every good deed is rewarded 700 times. Imagine donating $10 and having Allah reward you with $7,000!
  3. Fast. Muslims are urged to fast any or all of the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah. Each day in these 10 days, Allah rewards the Muslim who fasts as if they had fasted a whole year. But those who fast on the ninth day (the Day of Arafah) will have their reward doubled: fasting that day will bring a reward as if the Muslim fasted two years.
Al Madina School of Richmond, the only full time accredited Islamic School in the greater Richmond area, asks that you make dua for the success of our school and remember us when you are giving  extra Sadaqa. Investing with Al Madina now is an investment in your hereafter!

Jazakallah khairan kathiran!