Anita Elcock

anitaRegistered Pharmacist from 1978 to present.
Over 30 years experience in pharmacy support and management
Currently Pharmacy Manager for Rite Aid of Virginia
Able to supervise others, accept supervision and work effectively as part of a team

1990 Embraced Islam
1991-1999 Member of Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood Harlem N.Y
1994-1999 Served as Treasurer
2000 Present Member of Islamic Center of Virginia
2002-2007 Science Teacher at Islamic Homeschooling Academy, Richmond, Va
2003-present Member Muslim Women United of Richmond, Virginia
2005-2009 Served as Treasurer on Executive Committee of ICVA
2007-present CoFounder Tawheed Prep School, Richmond, Va
2007-2014 Taught Science, Health, Islamic Studies at Tawheed Prep School
2007-present Served as Board Member and /or Chair of Tawheed Prep School
2009-2015 Member Board of Trustees ICVA
2014-2015 Chairperson of B.O.T of ICVA
2016-Member ICVA Outreach Committee

I have worked for 10 years in the support and establishment of Islamic schools and I believe that with the help of Allah, swt, I can continue to be a part of engaging the members of our community to support the efforts of our combined schools. Central Virginia can now get to share in the experiences and strengths that are intrinsic in both schools and be assured that ,united, we can effectively and fairly educate all the children of our diverse community in an Islamic environment that prepares them to compete for success academically and morally.

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