Parent Teachers’ Organization!


We are doing Great Work.  Read our statement in the AMSR Newsletter.

As Salaamu Alaikum Parents!!

PTO is committed to being the liaison between Admin, Teachers and Parents. As a result, we have helped to establish the following:

  • Teachers’ Lunch Sales
  • Partial sponsors of ISNA Convention Fees
  • Established Regular Meetings
  • Thanks to our responsive principal, a bathroom BLITZ was performed over Spring Break; new accessories installed & plumbing upgraded.

What we NEED:

  • Support comes in 3 ways:
    1. Du’a ,
    2. Volunteer for our Jummah lunch Program throughout the summer by picking up food, serving & engaging with the muslims at Jummah (ICVA)
    3. Give Shout Outs about Al Madina School of Richmond!
  • To grow our school parental support is a Sadaqa Jariyah and necessary for a successful partnership with AMSR
  • Election Results will be announced in August

May Allah reward you for your support!!

PTO commits to academic and spiritual excellence!


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